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30grams White Widow: $230 USD
30grams sour Diesel : $240 USD
30grams black domina :$250 USD
30grams Bubba : $235 USD
30grams Hawaii-Skunk:$200 USD
30grams Hindu Kush: $220 USD
30grams afghani kush :$240 USD
30grams Super Silver Haze:$225USD
30grams sweet island skunk :$240 USD
30grams OG ghost train haze :$240 USD
30grams OG Kush :$230 USD
30grams Lemon haze:$235 UDS
30grams granddaddy :$240 USD
30grams Super Skunk :$200 USD
30grams AK 47 :$215USD
30grams Blueberry :$210 USD
30grams Barry White Oil :$230USD
30grams white Russian:$230 USD
30 grams blue dream crystal :$190 USD
30grams Dabber's Delight CBD Oil :$235 USD
30 grams Dabber's Delight Indica: $210USD
30 GRAMS Platinum Cookies Oil :$230 USD
30 grams Hindu Kush Wax : $250USD
30 grams Royal Kush Wax Crumble : $255 USD
30 grams snoop master kush : $230 USD

50grams sour Diesel $380 USD
50 grams black domina: $450 USD
50grams White Widow: $350 USD
50grams Hawaii-Skunk:$300 USD
50grams afghani kush :$380 USD
50grams granddaddy: $350 USD
50grams Lemon haze :350 USD
50grams Barry White Oil :$330USD
50grams Hindu Kush: $330 USD
50grams Super Silver Haze:$350 USD
50grams OG Kush :$370 USD
50grams Super Skunk :$360 USD
50grams sweet island skunk: $380 USD
50grams AK 47 :$330 USD
50grams OG ghost train haze $380 USD
50grams Blueberry :$300USD

4 oz OG Kush......... $920
4 0z OG ghost train haze $960
4 oz White widow.......$920
4 oz Holy Grail OG.....$940
4 oz AK 47 ............$860
4 oz Super Skunk....... $800
4 oz Hindu Kush......... $880
4 oz Super Silver Haze....$900
4 oz Girl Scout Cookies...$880
4 oz Blueberry............ $810
4 oz Hawaii kunk.......... $800
4 oz Sour Diesel........... $960
4 oz Jack Here.............. $800
4 ozafghani kush .............$960
4 oz Lemon haze.............$940
4 oz black domina............$1000
4 OZ granddaddy............$960
4 OZ sweet island skunk....$960

1Lbs sour Diesel :$2000
1Lbs Ak47 : $1320
1Lbs Blueberry : $1950
1Lbs purple haze : $1800
1Lbs white widow : $1700
1Lbs Super Silver haze : $2000
1Lbs Trainreck is : $1800
1Lbs white widow : $1850
1Lbs OG Kush : $1900
1Lbs White rhino : $1750
1Lbs Jack herer : $1800
1Lbs white Russian:$1750
1Lbs Lemon haze:$1700
1Lbs black domina $2200
1Lbs afghani kush $2000
1Lbs granddaddy $2000
1Lbs sweet island skunk:$2000
1Lbs OG ghost train haze: $2000
The Goji OG marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The Goji OG marijuana strain was originally bred by bodhi Seeds, and is a cross between the Nepali OG strain and the Snow Lotus strain. This is a very rare, exotic strain. If you are lucky enough to see it in your area, make sure to pick some up. The strain actually tastes like Goji berries.
The Kryptonite OG marijuana strain has a complex, refreshing pine smell. The Kryptonite OG marijuana strain is known for packing a lot of resin, and is a an indica strain. Like most pure indica strains, the Kryptonite OG marijuana strain provides a thorough body high that can result in couch lock and early bed times. The Kryptonite OG marijuana strain is great for helping with aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, nausea, and anxiety.
The Wonder Woman marijuana strain is a favorite strain among veteran growers due to its high yields. The Wonder Woman marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Average flowering time for the Wonder Woman marijuana strain is roughly 10 weeks. The smell of the Wonder Woman marijuana strain is skunky, with a hint of diesel. This is a great strain to consume when you need to get stuff done, but want a thorough head high.
The Purple Dream marijuana strain is a hybrid of Purple Diesel and Blue Dream. Purple Dream has light, super dank sparkling buds, and smells sweet and hazy. The Purple Dream marijuana strain tastes slightly metallic with a mellow high that is relaxing and cerebral. Average THC content is at around 25%.
The Green Ribbon marijuana strain is a head-clearing strain thats great for concentration and daytime use, when a patient or consumer needs to smoke but also get things done. The Green Ribbon marijuana strain packs a punch, with an average THC content of 25.43%.
The Super Jack marijuana strain is a cross between Super Silver Haze and the Jack Herer marijuana strain. The Super Jack marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that results in a great euphoric high. I feel like the Super Jack marijuana strain tickles the creative part of my brain, which helps with a lot of tasks. Like most sativa-dominant strains, the Super Jack strain doesnt result in couchlock, and can actually increase your motivation to do things.
The Pot Of Gold marijuana strain is a variety offered by the Flying Dutchmen Seed Company and is one of two strains selected from over 500 experimental crossings. The smell of the Pot of Gold marijuana strain is one of sweet hashish, and the taste is light and fruity. The Pot of Gold marijuana strain is sticky and hard to break up by hand so you may need a grinder. The high from the Pot of Gold marijuana strain comes on quickly
Im always leery of trying a marijuana strain that is named after a high profile person, because Im always wondering if its actually a completely new strain, or an old strain that was simply renamed to make it more likely to sell at a dispensary or store. The Obama Kush marijuana strain hopefully doesnt fit that description. The Obama Kush strain is an indica-dominant strain that comes as a result of crossing Afghani and OG Kush.
The King Kush marijuana strain contains flavors of citrus, pine and kush. With a gradual but powerful high, the King Kush marijuana strain is famous for its potency and shiny trichromes during flowering. The King Kush marijuana strain comes across as sweet and sour with its powerful and tangy grape scent, and some hints of lavender.
Canna Butter is a great way to take your medicine and make it taste great while providing pain relief at the same time. You can use this in place of regular butter and start baking all of your favorite baked goods. This is made from quality butter and quality food grade cannabis. When used for baking your baked goods would contain 1-2 grams of cannabis per piece. You can store in the fridge for 2 months or freeze for up to 8 months then take out as needed. Please use responsibly. For those with allergies please note that butter is a dairy product.